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About the BRC

The Boston Resource Center is located in the Solomon Carter Fuller building at the Boston Medical Center and is open from 10 to 3 Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We are staffed by volunteers and a few paid staff. The vast majority of our staff are in recovery from psychiatric conditions and/or substance abuse. Our main service is having people with lived experience provide peer to peer services. We believe that people who have themselves experienced psychiatric conditions understand best what it is like to learn to live with issues and how to recover. We are here to help others as they come to use the Resource Center.

The Resource Center offers brochures, books, audio, and videotapes, professional articles, and friendly help from people who have faced psychiatric conditions themselves (or as family members/close friends). Whether you are concerned about your own psychiatric condition or that of a family member, friend, employee, member of your congregation, patient, or other person in your life, the Resource Center is a place you can turn to. We are doing our best to staff with multilingual, multicultural members and to offer our resources in multiple languages. Feel free to call and request that we have someone available to assist in the language in which you are comfortable, and we will do our best to accommodate you. (We may need a day or even two at this time in order to make arrangements to serve people in other languages than English, but we will do our best).

Activities visitors/guests may engage in include: gym access, arts & crafts, creative writing, support groups and games.

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