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Groups at the Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center

Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center
35 Medford Street
1st Floor, Suite 111
Somerville, MA 02143

Janel Tan

Hours of operation:
Monday: 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
1st and 3rd Thursdays:2:30PM - 4:00PM only for Creative Coping Art group
Friday: 10:30-5:00

Groups & Services
Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center (CSRLC) offers a diverse array of peer-run services to support its overall supported educational and vocational mission.

Welcoming Newcomers: A support group for people (peers) living with the struggles of mental illness-the group provides an opportunity for people to receive peer to peer feedback on specific situations that they may be dealing with, and build a supportive network and community. Download attached flyer here.

New date and time: Tuesdays, 2:00--3:30 Health Adventures, including Diabetes Prevention Program Nurture your body and mind with this peer group! Learn wellness strategies with participants and a certified peer health coach. We are creating a new community to support ourselves in our paths to wellness. This group discusses all types of nourishment including self-care, and how to make and maintain healthy behavior changes.Download the flyer (PDF) here.

New date and time! Pathways to Recovery and Wellness A peer-driven, strengths based workbook to discuss various roads to recovery, including focusing on wellness goals that improve quality of life, not just reduction of symptoms. We also discuss challenges that get in the way and how to motivate ourselves to pave the path to a hopeful future. Download the flyer here.

New! Happiness and Wellness Creative Projects Use tactile and sensory stimulation, similar to art projects, to make inspired projects that promote happiness and wellness. Examples of projects include: affirmation board, decorating a hope box, painting or making collages with various themes, and more! Download the flyer here.

LGBTQ Group--Audrey Hayward facilitates this support group where people who identify as LGBTQ can have open conversation with others in a safe environment. Participants provide peer support to each other and share knowledge, regardless of sex or gender. Download the flyer here.

Bad Dance Party A friendly, silly, no pressure space for people to listen to favorite music, and/or get up and moving! Join in the fun! Download the flyer here.

Building Connections Using Connectedness workbook from BU Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, we cover and discuss connections in 4 main areas: 1) Connecting with ourselves; 2) connecting with others); 3) connecting with our environment; 4) connecting with meaning and purpose. We also discuss a wide range of topics including: how to appreciate being alone versus experiencing loneliness; how to develop social supports/connections; exploring the theme of dating/relationships; and use of social media and safety tips. We discuss both the external and internal stigma that people with mental illness face when participating in social settings, and engage people in self-esteem activities to build confidence. As members gain confidence, they are also encouraged to take initiative in organizing and planning social outings that match their interests, with support from RLC Director. Members brainstorm ideas on free or lost cost activities, or discuss how to budget & save up their own money to pay for various activities which they may be interested in. Download the flyer here.

NAMI Connections--A support group for people (peers) living with the struggles of mental illness-the group provides an opportunity for people to receive peer to peer feedback on specific situations that they may be dealing with.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (drop-in and formal classes)--A recovery group that educates people on positive thinking, empowerment, self-esteem, hope, and more. Formal classes teach 5 key recovery concepts of hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support; and how to make a written plan that helps a person stay well and manage stress.

Book Club--This group is for peers who need and want to improve their basic reading, literacy and comprehension skills.- We choose fun short stories so people can practice their basic reading skills.

Financial Literacy--A basic budgeting group that teaches peers how to create and maintain a budget using various worksheets; this is done through 1:1 support and/or people do on their own as homework/projects.

1:1 Computer Tutoring--Drop-in 1:1 support on typing, Internet, email. Can sign up for Intermediate class on Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel.

Yoga Certified Yoga Instructors teach yoga to help a person manage stress and relax. Monday mornings at 11:00- Meditation and Light Movement/Stretching; Monday evenings at 5:00- Stretching, physical movement, and exercise routine with relaxation meditation to end the group.

Exercise Group--Wii Sports to improve fitness through tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, and more. Just Dance Wii for aerobic workout. Walking groups when the weather is nice.

Employment Group--This group has curriculums for job seeking, resume building, and mock interviews; this group also has a curriculum that teaches about the importance of any job, teaching the theme that "work is everyone's business." Employment help is offered through group support or 1:1 individual basis, depending on members' needs.

Creative Coping--Health and Wellness Coordinator Jordan Jensen facilitates open art group, providing materials for tactile stimulation, art, and inspired creativity.

Music Instruction--Rehab Coordinator Josh (also identifies as being in recovery) teaches 1:1 individual music instruction for beginners on piano or guitar.

Cooking Group--We teach people nutritious facts, how to buy healthier food at reasonable cost, and how to cook/make simple healthier meals. Facilitate group so everyone can get involved in chopping, preparing, and cooking delicious food! Past recipes have included roasted sweet potato, kale, and quinoa; fish with Cajun seasoning; tomato soup; and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Cambridge/Somerville Recovery Learning Center (CSRLC) Provides access to a wealth of different resources

• Drop-in hours for 1:1 support in school, work and general life issues

• Drop-in hours for 1:1 support and feedback on resumes or mock interviews

• Access to computers for learning basic computer skills, practice essay writing, resume building, or other school and job related purposes

• Access to a phone

Cambridge Somerville Recovery Learning Center (CSRLC) is located at 35 Medford Street, 1st Floor, Suite 111, Somerville, MA 02143

Contact Program Director:
Janel Tan

Happiness and Wellness Creative Projects (PDF)New date and time: Tuesdays, 2:00--3:30
Current CSRLC Brochure (PDF)
CSRLC Current Schedule (PDF)

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