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by Jon Gottlieb

Test yourself on the way to recovery. You can join in the worthwhile pursuit of your ultimate mental health goals with your community cousins for the next 5 Fridays while pursuing a certificate in self perseverance and a better you.

Come to the Democracy Center, 45 Mount Auburn Street from 2 to 3:30 in Cambridge's Harvard Square and participate in the arts on the way to several methods of improvement using the different crafts, some inbred or those that you may not even have realized you had.

Don't worry. You won't be going at it alone. Each week, led by Hillary and Jessica, facilitators who take a genuine vested interest in what you come up with, will help keep you at ease as many different methods are used and explored. The gamut is endless. Support will follow you wherever you go. Director Sarah will join friendly H and J's cavalcade of participating peers through a never boring experiment and experience from inspirational quotes, vision boards, song favorites, photography, and creative writing. Even the warm-ups are interesting.....ever hear of AT THE PICNIC? It was a nice exercise to begin the day's events during Week 1. Creating your own poetry by crossing out words from ripped out pages from various big name author's books was a good way to prove that YOU ARE A POET AND YOU WILL KNOW IT! Your brain power will be better for it. Even as you enjoy the provided snacks and games during the well time out breaks, your hosts will be another incentive to keep you coming back for more, and you will because somehow, someway, and in only a short period of time, the PSN along with this story filled journey, proves once and for all that truly RECOVERY IS REAL!