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The MBRLC/Peer Education Resource Center is at Fields Corner 1500 Dorchester Ave. lower level, Dorchester, MA 02122. We focus on employment, wellness, and recovery. Currently we are teaching Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), WRAP for WORK, and Recovery Story Workshop, which are certificate workshops at this site. These workshops offer techniques to support others though your personal experience. By helping others you will learn the meaning of peer support. The workshop style also gives you the opportunity to work with others who share similar life experiences. Please call 617-788-1034 to register for the free upcoming classes.

Peer Education Resource Center is now open four days a week. Tuesday 1-5 Wednesday 1-5 Thursday 1-5 and Saturday 10-3. Please feel free to request activities for us to participate in at the PERC.

Bay Cove Human Services
1500 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122

Phone: 617-788-1034
Fax: 617-788-1070
PERC's hours are 1-5 Tuesday and Thursday; 10-4 Saturday

Please check out our brochures as we've added a lot of new groups.

Some info about the PSN and PERC

All meetings are open to anyone who identifies themselves as someone with experiences of mental issues.

Call before you plan to stop by; this would be greatly appreciated.

Denise Clarke, CPS
Peer Support Worker

Mary Broderick
Peer Support Worker

Nancy Berger, CPS
Assistant Director

A message from Denise Clarke, Peer Support Worker at PERC:
Over the last 8 weeks I have facilitated a peer group on Assertiveness. This has been incredibly helpful not only to my fellow peers but also to me. Learning about communication styles has helped me to become less passive and become more assertive. The group has learned to encourage each other to find the happy medium of assertive vs aggressive communication vs passive communication. In the group we often do role plays which really help to illustrate how we communicate and how we can communicate better. Finally, Assertiveness for Peers is not only educational, it is FUN.

A message from Mary Broderick, Peer Support Worker at PERC:
I like facilitating WHAM groups here at PERC. WHAM stands for Whole Health Action Management. There are ten domains of health and wellness which gives you flexibility. For more information click the link below:

Also, we encourage and give each other Peer support to set small, attainable goals. Making the commitment to even one small step towards whole health and wellness can make quite a difference.

A message from Nancy Berger, Peer Support Worker at PERC:
It has been a pleasure to work here at PERC. One of my favorite groups that we offer is Recovery Story workshop. Recovery Story Workshop is a 6 week group where Peers learn how to tell their Recovery Story. Within this workshop, we use different ways to explore our recovery, and the art of telling your story. These art mediums include inspirational quotes, vision boards, music listening/lyrics, writing prompts, poetry, and a Photo Collage. At the end we encourage Peers to share their story in the medium(s) of their choice. As we all share (the facilitators share their Recovery Stories too), everyone learns about one another and will realize that they are not alone. We also discover the knowledge that others learn from our stories and gain courage too.