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From the desk of Sarah Selkovits:

Hi, exciting news has happened! The MBRLC/ Peer Education Resource Center has moved to Fields Corner 1500 Dorchester Ave. lower level, Dorchester, MA 02122. We focus on employment, wellness, and recovery. Currently we are teaching Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Whole Health Action Management (WHAM), two 10-week workshops at this site. The next workshops (WHAM and WRAP) will start the second week in June. See attached tri-fold for information and exact dates. These workshops offer techniques to support others though your personal experience. By helping others you will learn the meaning of peer support. There is a requirement to attend workshops; see attached flyers. The workshop style also gives you the opportunity to work with others who share similar life experiences. Please call to 617-788-1034 to register for the free upcoming classes.

Peer Education Resource Center is now open four days a week. Tuesday 1-5 Wednesday 1-5 Thursday 1-5 and Saturday 10-3. Please feel free to request activities for us to participate in at the PERC.

Sarah Selkovits MS CRC CPRP CPS
Director of Recovery
Director of the MBRLC/ Peer Education Resource Center (PERC)
Bay Cove Human Services
1500 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MA 02122
*Remember to ring suite 2 Employment Services*
phone: 617-788-1034
email sselkovits@baycove.org
fax: 617-788-1070
PERC's hours are 1-5 Tuesday and Thursday; 10-4 Saturday

Director of Peer Support Network (PSN)
At the Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn Street
Harvard Sq Cambridge, MA
phone 617-788-1034
opens July 3, 2017
12-5 Monday 1-5 Wednesday and 12-5 Friday

Please check out our brochures as we've added a lot of new groups.

Some info about the PSN and PERC

All meetings are open to anyone who identifies themselves as someone with experiences of mental issues.

Call before you plan to stop by; this would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Selkovits MS, CRC C.P.R.P CPS
Director of Recovery

Denise Clarke CPS
Peer Support Worker

Mary Broderick
Peer Support Worker

A message from Denise Clarke, Peer Support Worker at PERC:
Over the last 8 weeks I have facilitated a peer group on Assertiveness. This has been incredibly helpful not only to my fellow peers but also to me. Learning about communication styles has helped me to become less passive and become more assertive. The group has learned to encourage each other to find the happy medium of assertive vs aggressive communication vs passive communication. In the group we often do role plays which really help to illustrate how we communicate and how we can communicate better. Finally Assertiveness for Peers is not only educational it is FUN.

A message from Mary Broderick, Peer Support Worker at PERC:
One thing we do at Peer Education Resource Center (PERC) Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community (MBRLC) is serve as a place for people to drop into and spend time. We accept anyone over the age of eighteen who self-identifies as having a Mental Health challenge or Substance Dependency (a Peer). PERC is run by and for Peers. No referral is needed to come here.

Some come here as a step towards moving outside of the home and into the community. We provide a place to go and a chance to socialize if you want. We have computers you can use for free and without a time limit. We also teach basic computer skills (Thursdays or by appointment). We also offer classes on aspects of Employment starting from the decision whether to work or not, going on to issues that come up during employment. We have workshops and support groups in Mental Health. All of the current groups are on a drop-in basis. But whether you come for a class or to use the computer or to socialize, we would love to see you. We ask you to call before stopping by if you can. We look forward to seeing you!

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